If anyone deserves to be spoiled this Valentine’s Day – it’s your car.

Think about it… They carry us everywhere, put up with your screech- we mean…singing on the road and literally take a beating when we decide to channel rage into the horn. So, keep the wheels of love turning and show a little appreciation for the car in your life…

Worship that body. Never underestimate the power of a little love and care can do for your car. It’s been a brutal winter, and that that poor old car has had to put up with some rough conditions, and it’s probably looking a little ragged.So, make it feel beautiful this Valentine’s Day with a Platinum Plus Wash from Personal Touch Car Wash. Aside from the Platinum Plus Wash, go a little further and tend to the things you may have neglected like checking under the hood of your car.

Show your vehicle some love by checking the level of your car’s antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid, power steering and brake fluid. If you’re not so knowledgeable on this area of your car, bring your beloved car to your nearest Personal Touch Car Wash and Oil Change located in New Haven and Milford. Stop by our two our two full service and oil change locations, to get an oil change in which our technicians change your oil filters, lube the chassis, check the wiper blades and air filters, inflate your tires, inspect your brake fluid, and top off your fluids, and complete a multi-point inspection.

If you’re truly devoted to caring for your car, it’s important to remember that love comes from within… so look after your interior! Personal Touch Car Wash offers a variety of detailing packages such as the Interior Super Clean, Carpet Express, and the Upholstery Shampoo. Show your car that love by checking out one of these interior packages and get the interior of your car cleaned.

Sometimes our beloved cars might be suffering, but they just don’t know how to communicate this. This means it’s up to you to take control and look for the hidden problems. You and your car both share the burdens of road travel, and if there’s any wear and tear or technical faults – this will impact on your safety too.

Take it from us at Personal Touch Car Wash – If you show a little love for your car now, you’ll avoid the heartbreak and unexpected cost of maintenance trouble further down the road.